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The Toledo Children's Memorial was founded in 1999 by Daniel Cole, in remembrance of children that have tragically perished in Toledo and surrounding communities.

The privately funded memorial is located at the intersection of
Eleanor and Jackman in Toledo, Ohio .  The memorial site is located near the scene of a tragic auto accident in May of 1999 where two high school students- Cassie Jones and Maggie Hayes- were killed  by a reckless driver.

Tragically 8 more Toledo area children died in auto related accidents that year.

Given the pain and shear diminishment of the community over the loss of so many children, the memorial was created to memorialize the children and honor the families by offering them a serene place to congregate and mourn.

A parcel of property near the scene of Cassie and Maggie's accident was selected to erect the memorial. The parcel of land was kindly provided by The Dupont Company.

The City of Toledo then provided me with a permit to erect the 8 foot by 6 foot monument. The city was also kind enough to provide water service at the site so an irrigation system could be installed. Electrical service was also installed to provide lighting at night along with a security system.

Once the design of the monument was selected an exceptional, blessed artist- Alysia VanCamp- willingly accepted the heartfelt task of engraving the portraits of each child that perished in our community in 1999. Each hand drawn portrait was then approved by each of the children's parents before the final engraving took place on the marble face of the monument.

The memorial continues to recognize children that have tragically perished in the community by lighting a candle at the site.  'Angel Bricks' are also placed in the walkway at the site.


The memorial has become 'perpetual' in nature. When a tragedy occurs- taking the life of a child in the community- a candle is lit at the site and placed within a bronze enclosure where it burns for 5 days in the child’s memory. 


 In remembrance of a lost child- ‘Angel Bricks' are placed in the walkway leading up to the monument. Each Angel Brick is engraved bearing the child’s name, birthday and date of death along with a depiction of an 'Angel'.

                   Since the inception of the Toledo Children's Memorial over 40  
                    precious children have been honored in memory at the site.


             Family, friends and strangers visit the site throughout the year to pay their          

    Please visit the Children's Memorial Gardens website to view      
               other children's memorials across the country.


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